Happy home

In The Architecture of Happiness, Alain de Botton discusses what makes a physical space have such big impact on us. He argues that our personality is so diverse, that we have several different versions of ourselves and that each one becomes visible in response to different physical environment. Maybe our more academic and inspired self shines through when we enter a space with light shining through big windows and with a clean organized desk, ready for you to do your research at. Maybe our calmest and most comfortable self is present when we enter the cozy sanctuary that is our home, when we cuddle up in our living room sofa.

A home (in contrast to a house), is at its essence, a place where your truest self is reflected. A place where you feel at peace, comfortable and happy. Alternatively, you might instead feel inspired, intelligent and ambitious. If you enjoy social interactions with your family members, living room sofas and armchairs might be pointed at each other, instead of at the television. If you are a person of big integrity, it might feel more private to have a bathroom located beside your bedroom instead of in the hallway. If you appreciate art or poetry, you cover your walls accordingly. Ultimately, your home should be a reflection of who you are – or who you would like to be. Atleast if you want it to be a happy home.



The Architecture of Happinesss by Alain de Botton


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